Nosing notes

Whichever malt you first decide to try, there is a certain ceremony in the tasting.

Begin by selecting a tulip shaped glass. The wide waist and no-arrow rim will capture and concentrate the aroma far better than a conventional whisky tumbler.

Next pour a measure of your chosen malt, warm the glass for a moment in your hand then swirl and inhale the “nose”. There are those who prefer to sip malt on its own like a cognac. However, the most general custom in Scotland is to add a little water before tasting – Preferably still Highland Spring water, never sparkling. Then nose again to discover how the water unlocks a more complex character.

Only then allow yourself the pleasure of sipping and scenting. Enjoy the initial thrill of the spirit, the smooth feel as it rolls over the tongue and the lingering finish. By this ceremony you will appreciate the many subtleties of each malt.

Blended Scottish Whisky

Blended Scottish Whisky

Chivas Regal, 12 y.o. 45,-

A rich blend with hints of Speyside smokiness, mellow but firm palate and sweet finish.

Famous Grouse 50,-

Blended whiskey mainly from Macallan and Highland Park malts, lightly smokey and quite round and soft.

Antiquary The Rare Old Blend, 12 y.o. 45,-

Blended whiskey with 30 different distillates primarily from Tomatin. Aroma of citrus, salt and peat.

Single malt Scottish Whisky

Single Malt Scottish Whisky

Ardbeg Uigeadail Malt 100,-

Ardbeg Uigeadail (pronounced ”Oog-a-dal”) is a special vatting that marries Ardbeg’s traditional deep, smoky notes with luscious, raisiny tones of old ex-Sherry casks.

The Balvenie, 15 y.o. – 47,8% 100,-

Islay cask. Smoky sweetness and tones of orange peel and lemon.

Caol Ila, 12 y.o. – 43,0% 100,-

Made with 100% lokal maltet barley and ages in bourbon and redwine barrels. Notes of toffee and stonefruit and tastes of spice, sweet malt and orangejam.

Dalwhinnie, 15 y.o. – 43,0% 50,-

Highland. Aromatic and dry with firm body and heathery finish.

Darkness, 8 y.o. – 47,8% 50,-

A Speyside whisky with notes of chocolate, peanuts, amaretto and raisins.

Glenfiddich Ancient Reserva, 12 y.o. – 40,0% 75,-

The taste has a hint of sweetness in perfect balance with an easy oaky flavour and a delicious taste of malt.

Glenfiddich Ancient Reserva, 15 y.o. – 40,0% 85,-

Taste of honey, raisin and warm spices. Aged on both sherry, bourbon and new oak casks.

Glenfiddich Ancient Reserva, 18 y.o. – 40,0% 95,-

Taste of orange, toffee, mocca and vanilla balanced with a long spicy aftertaste.

Glenkinchie, 12 y.o. – 43,0% 55,-

One of the last Lowland distilleries. From oak casks with a soft floral and honey taste.

Highland Park, 12 y.o – 40,0% 60,-

Orkney islands. Good and smoky sweetness with full malt delivery and a heathery finish.

Highland Park, 18 y.o – 43,0% 90,-

Orkney islands. Notice the smoky, peaty and honey taste. Finally the soft, round, long finish.

Highland Park, 25 y.o – 50,7% 150,-

Cask strength which means the whiskey is not diluted with distilled water.

Taste is nutty with notes of honey and Olorose sherry and at medium dry mouthfeel.

Laphroaig, 10 y.o – 40,0% 50,-

Islay malt. Warm and elegant. Well known for its smoked taste.

Lagavulin, 16 y.o. – 43,0% 70,-

Isle of Islay. Intense dryness and very firm body, with powerful aroma and a smoky peaty taste.

The Macallan, 18 y.0 – 43,0% 125,-

Made at the Speyside region of Scotland and matured in a mix of bourbon and sherry casks.

Mossburn Linkwood, 10 y.0 – 46,0% 45,-

Made at the Speyside region of Scotland, and is a very light whisky with notes of lemongrass, white flowers, candied fruits and white pepper.

Oban, 14 y.o. – 43,0% 50,-

Western highland. Peaty aroma with a balancing sweetness and long smooth finish.

Orkney 2000 Berry’s Own, 17 y.o. – 56,3% 95,-

From the Orkney islands. Aged on american oak and with a very full taste of honey, citrus and spice.

Talisker, 10 y.o. – 45,8% 50,-

Islay of Skye. Peaty and well balanced with slightly sweet aroma.

Tomatin Cù Bòcan Light Smoke – 46,0% 50,-

The story behind this Tomatin comes from the legend of a spectral dog, Cù Bòcan, who has haunted the Highland village for countless years. This is very smoky for a Tomatin whiskey.

Tomatin Old Port Finish 14 y.o. – 46,0% 50,-

Soft, smooth and sweet, benefiting from its time spent in Tawny Port casks which previously held port for around 50 years. Deep but balanced aromas of red berries, sweet honey and rich toffee.

Tomatin Decades II – 46,0% 170,-

Made as a tribute to all the employees over the past 50 years. Ages on 21 different casks from the past 50 years both bourbon, sherry, french oak and Verdejo. Notes of almonds, fresh hay, applepie, ginger and marple sirup.

Blended Irish Whisky 

Blended Irish Whisky

Jameson – 40,0% 50,-

The taste is balanced between spicy nuts and sweet vanilla and sherry.

Tullamore Dew 40% 50,-

A perfumed character with faintly oily palate and light round body.

Single Malt Irish Whisky

Single Malt Irish Whisky

Bushmills Original – 40,0% 45,-

Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey presents a rich, smooth and warm taste almost immediately. Bushmills Original Irish Whiskey is a blend of Buchmill’s own triple distilled malt whiskey, and is a lighter grain whiskey.

Bushmills malt, 10 y.o. – 40,0% 60,-

Sweet aroma, clean maltiness and dry finish without smokiness.

Other Whiskies

Other Whiskies

Canadian Club – 40,0% 50,-

Matured in oak casks. The only whisky that is pre-blended, smooth delicate taste, easy to drink and produced by the blend of rye, corn and barley. 



Jack Daniels – 40,0% 50,-

Tennessee sour Mask Bourbon. A characterful whiskey with an intensely dry, aromatic lightness.

Buffalo Trace Kentucky Straight Bourbon – 40% 50,-

This deep amber whiskey has a complex aroma of vanilla, mint and molasses and corn. The destillery lies on the old buffalo trail – hence the name.

McAfee’s Benchmark Old no. 8 – 40% 45,-

The nose bears caramel notes with a delicate stone-fruit backdrop. A robust and sturdy palate with some fine leather notes mingling with dry tobacco, a touch of oak and a hint of dried cherries.

1792 Small Batch Kentucky Bourbon – 46,85% 50,-

Oak, dark fruit, maple-caramel hybrid, vanilla pudding, pine-like herbal spice, toasted corn and a light biscuity character. Decent balance, medium body and a warm slick feel.

Gun Fighter Rye 55,-

Our Double-Cask Rye whiskey is aged for a minimum six months in new american oak barrels. French Port barrels gives the Whiskey an unique smoothness and complexity coupled with a nice Rye spiciness.