Take away

Call us on +45 7462 2622 – we will take care of the food. All you have to do is pick it up and enjoy it at home.

All burgers are served with rustic fries and optional mayo
All burgers can be served gluten free and as vegetarian

Chili burger

Regular. 148,-

With beef, salsa, jalapeños, tortilla chips, onion rings, cheddar, salad and chili mayo

Hot’n Pub Burger

Regular. 148,-

With beef, jalapeño-relish, chili cheese tops, cheddar, grilled pepper, chorizo and salad

Guacamole Chicken burger

Regular. 148,-

Chicken, guacamole, mushroom mayo, pickled tomato and salad

Fox burger

Regular. 148,-

With beef, tomato, bacon, salad, cheddar, soft onions, mayo and homemade pickles

Vegan burger

Regular. 138,-

Homemade paddy made from potatoes, and corn. Served with tomato relish, salad, vegan mayo, fresh tomatoes and chips

Dips for your fries. Choose between:

Mayonnaise, chilimayo, truffle mayo, aioli, salsa or guacamole

Extra dip 5,-

Beef Sauté Stroganoff 218,-

Beef tenderloin, mushrooms and gravy Served with mashed potatoes and sour cream

Spareribs in homemade BBQ sauce

2 pcs. 138,-
4 pcs. 178,-

Mixed salad 98,-

With pesto, falafel, mozzarella, soy seeds, seasonal vegetables and homebaked bread

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